Light of Hope in Dark Days

- Edition #10 Amsterdam Light Festival

  Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is the capital of finance, commerce, and culture. The dense network of rivers here affects the pattern and shape of the city and brings development opportunities to the whole of the Netherlands. As night falls, the city is brightly lit, the canals are sparkling, and the throbbing light and shadow seem to tell the city's vigorous vitality. When the canal meets the lights, it is breathtakingly beautiful.


Feel the Beauty of Light Art on Boats

  On December 2nd, the Amsterdam Light Festival officially opened. The milestone tenth Light Festival run until January 23rd, 2022. Founded in 2012, the Amsterdam Light Festival is one of Europe's major light art festivals. The annual Festival of Lights invites artists from all over the world to create with light, projecting different lights and shadows on all corners of the canal belt. In addition to walking, you can choose to take a boat ride to see the city known as the "Venice of the North".

The annual Amsterdam light show attracts many art lovers. There's no better way to see this city by water than with a boat trip, which usually runs around the city for 75 minutes. A dedicated Tour in English/Dutch from the Captain can give you a better taste of the city and the celebration of lights. Bringing together more than 20 light artworks from the past nine editions and the latest creations from the 10th Edition of the Festival of Lights, "Celebrate Light" together in Amsterdam this winter.

(Nacht Tekening – krijn de Koning, from the current light show.)

A Trip with Temperature

  What was unique about this year's Festival of Lights was that it brought together the highlights of the past 10 years, and each light work was dazzling. The Dutch steamship company Starboard was once again the festival's official partner. Starboard was very heartwarming and offered a walking route around the sights for those who walked around the night. Even if you didn't plan to take a boat trip, you could see some nice light shows. To enhance the visitor experience, Starboard sold warm blankets, mulled wine, beer and refreshments, and owners shared stories about the city and art on board. The boat owner went round trip 4 times a day, and the cost of a single trip was about 26.5 euros per person. While blowing the cool evening breeze of the canal, watching the light show, and drinking some hot wine, it was really a pleasant thing just to think about.

(Drawn in Light – Ralf Westerhof, from the current light show.)

What to Do if the Cruise Ship Runs out of Power

  The most frightening thing about boat trips is that the boat runs out of electricity. In response to the City of Amsterdam's call for smart charging solutions for private leisure boats, Starboard has developed "black technology" that allowed ships to connect to private houseboats (charging points) through specific devices and quickly completed paid charging. There was no need to worry about the boat running out of power and interrupting the trip.

  Or you could choose to try your hand at the way of the excursion in the water flight - riding the Waydoo Flyer One efoil board:

  By flying on the water with Waydoo electric hydrofoil, a man explored the magic of the city in a different light. The brave man faced the cold canal waters of Amsterdam, and in return, he received a lot of attention. It was a whole new level of enjoying the Amsterdam Light Festival. By flying on the water with Waydoo efoil, a man explored magic of the city in a different light. The brave man faced the cold canal waters of Amsterdam while in return, he received a lot attention. It was a whole new level of enjoying the Amsterdam Light Festival.

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Light of Hope in Dark Days

  Frédérique ter Brugge, director of the Light Festival, said they were a little grumpy because of the blockade time at first after the last COVID-19 conference, but then rekindled their passion. “Our mission is to inspire people on dark days, so we still light up in the dark moments at the edge of the day.”

(Talking Heads – Viktor Vicsek, from the current light show.)