Why will waydoo flyer one efoil be the optimal choice for beginners?

  Surfing, as a popular water sport, is well known to everyone. With innovations in science and technology, an electric hydrofoil has appeared on the market and has created a boom in recent years. With over 35 million surfers around the world, the sport is big business. The industry is increasingly turning to technology for bigger, better, and safer thrills. If you're new to this sport, I suggest purchasing waydoo's flyer one efoil as your first electric hydrofoil.


  The FLYER ONE surfboard features a user-friendly design that makes it more efficient to glide on the water while providing enough stability. We designed and built two versions of the board. Both versions are perfect for eFoiling thanks to their large 110L volume and width that allow easy water starts. In addition to this, we offer two types of front wings, and one of them is suitable for beginners-the Explorer wing. It has a larger wing area and therefore less wing loading, allowing for easy takeoffs at lower speeds while providing good stability. Even you are a beginner, and you can also be confident and enjoy a sense of flying above the water.

  An affordable price

  Compared to other expensive electric hydrofoils on the market, only 6,199 EUR, you can enjoy the best performance at the most affordable price from our boards. The material of accessible EPP foam, lighter and more resistant to bumps and scratches, helps reduce your cost on the product but not the experience and quality.

  Good safety properties

  The PowerFlight Cell lithium-ion battery is a patented product designed and manufactured by Waydoo. It is designed to handle the harsh marine environment. It is both rechargeable and replaceable, with a two-step installation process that makes it easy to plug and play. It is equipped with a smart battery management system (BMS), providing comprehensive protection against overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuits. Also, with an Ip67 waterproof and buoyant design, you don't need to worry about losing the controller. 

  During the initial learning process, you may fall into the water. But you don't need to worry because our boards are set to automatically shut off when the controller trigger is released or when the controller gets in touch with water.

  Easy to install

  It is convenient to assemble a waydoo flyer one efoil that you can finish in 15 minutes. The entire board features a modular design allowing everything to be assembled and disassembled within minutes.

(from Youtube: Waydoo Flyer ONE eFoil Tutorial - YouTube)

  Summer is here, what are you waiting for? Take waydoo flyer one efoil and go spend an exciting day on the beautiful beach!

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