What is an eFoil? How much does one cost?

Summer entertainment for most people is finding ways to stay cool while feeling the unique excitement of summer. What could be more exciting and refreshing than water sports?

When it comes to water sports, most people think of the long-standing popularity of surfing; however, the high requirements for location, wind and waves, and users’ skills have discouraged many people who are curious or interested in it. The eFoil board is a great solution to all these problems. Check more differences between Efoil and Hydrofoil here.

What is an eFoil?

The eFoil board(or Electric hydrofoil surfboard) is a surfboard with an electric propeller. It is driven by an almost silent electric motor, making eFoils move quietly when flying on water and be emission-free. In addition, it is powered by a battery that can be recharged very easily and quickly. With just a handheld wireless remote control that can be connected by Bluetooth, you can drive it anywhere and anytime to experience the feeling of flying on water, on the ocean, river, lake etc. The ride is completely weather- and site-independent, and there's no need for you to paddle the waves or pump your legs to keep the board moving. Once you try this water toy, you'll be addicted to it. 

(Waydoo Flyer One eFoil board)

Is Efoiling Dangerous?

Efoiling is not an extremely difficult sport, and even the newest beginners will catch on quickly. Finding balance can be a challenge throughout the learning process, and you will likely fall off the board a few times, but don't worry too much; most eFoil boards are set up to automatically shut off when the controller trigger is released, or the controller comes in contact with the water. Also, since they are equipped with electric propellers, it is important to remember that keep your feet or all body parts clear from the propeller. Never stand on the propeller or wing in the water. Experts always recommend using protective equipment, including helmets, boot covers, and life jackets to avoid injuries while using the eFoil. As a water sport, injuries are inevitable, and eFoil is no exception. But with a few pointers in mind, you can enjoy eFoiling to its fullest.

A bikini girl is riding waydoo's newest efoil board

How Much Does an Efoil Cost?

The price of a complete eFoil package varies between 6,000 and 15,000 Euros. As is the case with regular surfing, the price of a surfboard is based on quality, technology, service, brand, and many other factors. The most popular eFoil watersports brands are Lift Foils, Fliteboard, and Waydoo. Especially Waydoo, known for its excellent price/performance ratio - more affordable than other brands - does not compromise on quality, with excellent guarantees on various safety and performance feat.

Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard Comparison

Are you interested in eFoiling but shocked by the high price of eFoil boards? As you can see, Waydoo meets your expectations, only 6,199 EUR ($5,899 - $7,399), nearly twice cheaper than Fliteboard and Liftfoils. "Cheap" here does not mean a compromise to quality. Waydoo is devoted to making efoil boards affordable for everyone interested in this water sport, so the company provides a more accessible price without a bargain in its quality and performance. How could Waydoo do that? Find answers here.

the man is fast efoiling

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