Subnado Underwater Scooter-Play To Your Heart’s Content

What is an underwater scooter?

With the popularity of watersports, more and more people purchase scuba diving equipment. The underwater scooter, also known as a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV), or underwater propulsion vehicle, has been around for a long time as one of the integral pieces of equipment for diving enthusiasts. But the problem of its large size and difficulty in carrying has always existed. Do you worry about the cumbersome scuba diving gear and safety or desire a more stimulating experience? Subnado underwater scooter is redefined to better cater to all your needs.

The world’s smallest underwater scooter

Compared with other underwater scooters made of aluminum alloy, subnado only weighs 1.4 kg and sizes 38 cm long and 6 cm wide. It is only the size of a bottle of Coke which you can easily put in your bag. What’s more, as subnado sea scooter is airline approved, you can take it to Hawaii, oahu, maui or anywhere you want to unlock infinite possibilities of your scuba diving. Its built-in 98-watt hour battery meets the requirements of aviation.

Waydoo subnado underwater scooter in the suitcase

Waydoo subnado underwater scooter in the suitcase

Play with a variety of ways

During the design process, we thought of a number of ideas that would make using subnado more fun for people, and we did it. If you don’t have time to fly to islands, subnado is also available for swimming pool. The specialized design--the quick-release mounting system, makes it possible for you to mount the subnado under a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard to have a relaxing paddling experience and appreciate the view along the shore. Also, you can turn on the cruising mode or attach the subnado to your arms or legs to truly free your hands. It can also spray water, so you and your buddies may have more delight in the water. You can also dive to a maximum depth of 60 meters to explore the mysterious underwater world. Thoughtfully, the compatible mount enables you to place your waterproof camera, recording unforgettable underwater experiences. As for those seeking the ultimate speed experience, you can use two devices simultaneously, with the fastest speed reaching 2m/s.

Are underwater scooters safe?

Safety is the most important product design concept, and subnado is no exception. With the built-in battery integrated structure, it supports IP68 waterproof. At the same time, the 8-speed power indicator allows you to keep track of scooter power according to the remaining power reasonable arrangements for water travel. Even children can play with it in the pool since a finger-proof propeller guard is specifically designed to prevent propeller injuries.

Finger-proof propeller guard of waydoo subnado underwater scooter

Finger-proof propeller guard of waydoo subnado underwater scooter

Waydoo Subnado sea scooter, a significant breakthrough in portability and ease of use, can undoubtedly add to the fun of the watersport and contribute to the popularity of underwater scooters. See here, and I think you will want to know more about subnado. Join the subnado Facebook Group to get more information!