It's Never too Late!

- Qingdao " Water Flyman" successfully crossed the Qiongzhou Strait

The Qiongzhou Strait is one of the three significant straits in China, with an east-west length of about 80 kilometers, a maximum width of 39.5 kilometers from north to south, and a maximum depth of 114 meters. As the third-largest strait in China, Qiongzhou Strait has always been favored by many water sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Map From Xunwen County to Xiuying District

The map of Xunwen County to Xiuying District

Historically, there have been challengers who have successfully crossed the Qiongzhou Strait by swimming and paddling. Today, this is also the first time in human history that an electric hydrofoil surfboard has been used to cross the Qiongzhou Strait.

Became the First After Twists and Turns

At about noon, Liu Jiliang posted a Moment on Wechat after successfully landing: "This morning at 8:10 am, I set off from Xuwen in Zhanjiang and arrived at Haikou Xiuying Sailing Sailing. Port at 12:00, and the challenge was a complete success!" Thank you to the professional protection team and my friends and family who have supported me over the years. "

When it comes to the entire crossing process, in Liu‘s words, it is "twists and turns." Affected by the COVID, he traveled from Qingdao to Shenzhen in mid-April, stayed in Shenzhen for one night, and hurried to Xuwen County, Zhanjiang City. After arriving, the team immediately examined the local weather and sea conditions and finally determined the time and route.

Liu said: "According to the ideal situation, from the beach in Xuwen County of Zhanjiang to the Xiuying Sailing Port in Haikou, the straight-line distance is about 30 kilometers, but considering the factors such as sea wind and waves and water conditions, it is challenging to sail in a straight line at sea. Unfortunately, shortly after the team set off, the sea suddenly fogged, and it was impossible to distinguish between the southeast, south, and northwest, and also to avoid the windy and turbulent waters, so there was more than one yaw, and the team had to readjust the new forward route.

A 50-year-old man is riding a Waydoo Flyer One efoil to cross the strait

Liu is on the Waydoo Flyer One Efoil

Waiting until the fog cleared, new problems arose - the sun was gradually rising, and there were more and more ships on the sea, large cargo ships, ferries, and various fishing boats. Challengers must always be aware of their movements, keep their distance from these boats, and avoid dangerous situations. 

the crossing strait team encountered a large cargo ship

The team encountered a large cargo ship

Affected by weather and various unexpected factors, the crossing process was constantly extended. Also, the battery was replaced in the middle. Fortunately, there was a powerful support team - 3 support boats and 1 motorboat helped a lot. This successful crossing was not easy for the whole team. The challenger's skilled electric hydrofoil surfing technology, excellent physical reserves, and safety guarantees are indispensable." (Learn more you need to notice when efoiling)

Two Years’ Preparation. The Dream Finally Came True.

As a water sports enthusiast,  Liu, had been brewing this crossing for two years: "I usually like to challenge some strenuous sports, as early as 2015, we have the trapeze equipment, see some high-level challenging actions on the TV want to learn; however, there is no professional coach, so I could not grasp the essentials, often falling on the body a piece of purple, and did not know how often I swallowed water. There was a practice of water trapeze when falling from a height of 10 meters directly to the hospital. Many friends advised me that this sport was too dangerous, so I should give up. But at that time, I was already in love with this sport and wanted to keep challenging myself even if I failed. "

Compared with ordinary surfboards, the most prominent feature of electric hydrofoil surfboards is that when the surfboard reaches a certain speed in the water, it will fly away from the water; even in the calm water, it can also "fly without wind and waves." Compared to regular foil boards, electric hydrofoil surfboards have motors and wings. The power mast keeps the surfboard moving forward while wings offer the possibility of rising, and Waydoo's cordless plug-and-play battery design allows a quick assembly.

At that time, Liu's idea of crossing the Qiongzhou Strait came to life. "As a Chinese, I want to ride a domestic electric hydrofoil to fly across a China strait, which reflects Chinese courage and trust in the quality of domestic electric hydrofoils."

The team of three challengers successfully crossed the Qiongzhou Strait

The team successfully crossed the Qiongzhou Strait

With the gradual maturity of Liu's efoiling skill, after overcoming many difficulties, he finally realized his dream in 2022: "I am 50 years old, I can say that I have reached the age of knowing my destiny, but I still have to maintain a young mentality, the original dream of the water trapeze has been realized, which is also a process of constantly challenging myself. This time I handed over a satisfactory answer; I am also very grateful for the help of the support fleet and all my friends. The goal of the next challenge should be a wider strait, and it is expected to be achieved continuously. "

Waydoo's Faith and Value

Completing this crossing challenge is very difficult. Weather conditions, sea temperature, current speed, wind direction, and tide and wave conditions will all affect the crossing. The use of electric hydrofoil surfboards in the vast sea is no better than usual surfing in still water. The weather at sea is unpredictable, with clear skies one second and dark clouds the next.

Shortly after the team's departure crossing the strait, they encountered a fog situation - the visibility of the vast sea was less than 50 meters, which was very difficult for the challengers. On the one hand, we must keep up with the pilot ship and maintain the correct forward route; On the other hand, it was also necessary to avoid the huge waves brought by the stern wave of the pilot ship, which made the challenger feel very uncomfortable. Fortunately, we equipped the challenge with sufficiently rich logistics to support the team and various technical equipment support to ensure the smooth completion of the activity.

The "plug-and-play design battery  for a quick assembly" has always been a proud technology of Waydoo, which was represented well during this crossing. When the battery ran out, the challengers only had to get close to the support boat, remove the battery from his surfboard, and quickly install the new battery.

Waydoo's plug-and-play design battery

Waydoo's unique plug-and-play design battery

Waydoo has always believed that the world of the future is electric and that humanity is irreversibly accelerating into a new energy era! Let's protect the blue planet with green power!