Don't Miss 10 Fun Water Sports This Summer

On a hot summer day, you always look forward to a cool sea breeze with a slight salty humidity blowing across your cheeks. The wind and waves seem to be tailor-made for water sports this season. Under the hot sun, water sports are the most popular, water stirring the skin to feel the refreshment, galloping the water when the thrill of excitement, people can not resist the thrill to feel the charm of water sports let people can not help themselves.

  1. Surfing:

Surfing is an extreme wave-powered sport where surfers can stand on a surfboard or step directly into the water and float by the waves running towards the shore. Surfers can generally use a long, narrow horsepower board, a shorter belly board, or even surf with their arms raised above their head and their whole body straight without a board. To surf, one must carry the board against the wave, reach the steeper crest of the wave, and when a lock is approaching, swim quickly in the direction of the shore by stomping hard on the board. Thus, when people come to the beach and see surfers undulating with the waves in the vast ocean, they feel that surfing is also a beautiful water sport that combines power and beauty, health care, and slimming in one.

  1. Kitesurfing:

Kitesurfing is a combination of kite and water skiing. With the help of inflatable kites and surfboards, it is an exciting and thrilling process and is considered to be one of the most exciting and challenging water sports today. Kitesurfing was invented in Hawaii in 1998. In less than 10 years, it has become the new favorite of "beach bums" by mixing stunt kites, windsurfing, surfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, and other sports elements.

  1. Hydrofoil:

Do you also want to challenge to get on the surfboard but can't learn? Want to move forward with the waves but can't wait for them to come? Or do you want to stop at the high technology requirements, time, and place? Efoil perfectly removes these obstacles. Efoil has a surfboard on top, but it moves forward by an electric propeller attached to a long pole below. The propulsion device comprises a lithium battery, silent motor, and rudder. The forward speed can be adjusted at will by the Bluetooth wireless controller in your hand, pressing the lever to accelerate and releasing it to slow down and stop. It doesn't require super high surfing skills and can be easily mastered by beginners. Best of all, it can travel in rivers, lakes or any water deep enough without wind and waves. Interested in it? Try this fashion water sports with Waydoo Flyer One eFoil this summer!

  1. Windsurfing:

Windsurfing is a nautical sport that originated as a variation of surfing and involved moving through the water on a board with a sail. Unlike traditional surfing, which is powered by the arms, windsurfing is powered by the sails. Although it is more associated with summer, practicing it in winter has great advantages, such as waves and wind, which are usually stronger. As a water sport that is suitable all year round, you can enjoy its unique charms anytime.

  1. SUP:

SUP is the abbreviation of "Stand Up Paddle," combining surfing and traditional hand paddle board. With a variety of ways to play, everyone can use the paddle, play while standing, or cooperate with another partner. It is a relatively good introduction to water activities. If you can swim, you will generally quickly get started under the guidance of the coach. If you are unable to swim, you can also wear a life jacket. To an advanced point, it is possible to exercise the whole body muscle balance, so it is very recommended to try to play water novice.

  1. Kayaking:

Kayaking originated as a small boat made by the Inuit in Greenland. Wrapped in whale skin and otter skin on a bone frame and paddled with a paddle with blades at both ends, the kayak is mainly driven by human power, usually with a slightly longer double-headed paddle on the left and right side of the boat. The paddler's seat is surrounded by waterproof leather or rubber membrane connected to the paddler's shirt to prevent water from entering the boat. The boat has a footrest, allowing the paddler's legs to stretch out to rest and borrow strength. At present, this small, portable, dashing, and flexible water magic weapon is widely welcomed.

  1. Diving:

Diving has long been a famous water sport. Holding your breath underwater to experience "weightlessness" is one of the best ways to relieve stress, allowing people to relax and enjoy the feeling of "living in the moment." Diving is divided into "free diving" and "scuba diving," the general difference is whether there is a back oxygen cylinder. Although "free diving" only needs flippers, goggles, floatation balls, the diver must use one breath for diving. If not trained, the diver easily lacks oxygen unconscious, and some people can not return to shore because of unfamiliar with the sea, so do not easily imitate this kind. "Scuba diving" is relatively easy to operate, so most people choose to take classes to obtain a license. It is not that dangerous, but we still need to pay attention to our body condition when scuba diving. With a mask and breathing tube, it is not easy to detect abnormalities from the face, so be sure to understand their limits and conditions. Many free divers say that in addition to entertainment, diving is a way to get away from the hustle and bustle and return to oneself.

  1. Jet Skiing:

Jet skiing is a high-speed water sport that combines high technology, spectacle, competition, and thrill with the characteristics of modern civilization. It is recognized as one of the most influential and highly watched sports globally (second only to the Olympic Games, World Cup soccer, and Formula 1 cars).

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  1. Flyboarding:

Flyboarding is by the French city of Marseille water sports enthusiast Frank Zapata (Franky Zapata) invented a water leisure sports. Tying the device's strap up to his feet and attaching a powerful water jet allows the user to lift off. The user holds the nozzle to take over to play a stabilizing role in flight. It fulfills a long-held dream: to be able to leap or dive from the water like a dolphin suddenly. Flyboarding is like a hurricane that hit the world and became the most eye-catching water sport.

  1. Saltwater Fishing:

Saltwater fishing refers to fishing on the beach. The main targets of sea fishing are bass, yellowtail, cod, striped bass, grouper, eel, etc. Since the fish in the sea are saltwater fish, they are more aggressive and more voracious than freshwater fish, thus facilitating fishing harvest. Compared with freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing lies in the fact that saltwater fishing gives a more exciting feeling, and its result can never be predicted. This uncertainty makes sea fishing more enjoyable. In addition, facing the endless sea, listening to the breath of the sea, feeling the magnitude of the sea, you will feel that man and nature are in such harmony.

Swimming, sailing, kayaking, yachting, diving, sea fishing, surfing, etc., all enrich your life in different ways on a passionate summer day. Changing a perspective of the world is also changing a life.