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Waydoo has extraordinary efoil products that spend less but get all the fun. Waydoo has two kinds of efoil products FLYER ONE SERIES - Waydoo ( two products have created good performance and got good reviews from customers. Here are some comments.

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1. HEINRICH.K on March 3, 2022


I bought a Waydoo Flyer One last year, and I've gotta say it is the most fun I've ever had on the water! The product arrived later than expected due to delays, but thankfully, support was with me every step of the way and kept me informed—great product with a great team to back it up.

In fact, the logistics of waydoo-efoil are rapidly improving, with modular design for easy transport. Waydoo is committed to providing customers with a better experience. We believe that this kind of payment will get feedback, and the user's good sense of experience is our highest honor.

2. REINER.T on February 17, 2022


Had a little defect on the side of the wing, and they immediately took care of it. No hassles, no problems. They know how to put the customer first. Took my new baby out yesterday, and it rides like an absolute water machine. I love this efoil, and I'm a big fan of the company!

You can fully trust waydoo's product warranty: Waydoo has dealers/service providers in 20 European countries and regions (and the number is expanding) and a dedicated after-sales service center in Germany. Waydoo has a two-year limited warranty dedicated to providing highly professional and responsive customer care.

3. ALFRED.B on January 2, 2022


Can Efoiling get any better than this?

Today I had my first two sessions with the Waydoo Flyer one. What an exceptional experience! Easy to set up, not too heavy to get into the water, and the board is perfect. I'm so glad I didn't opt for another brand. Waydoo did everything right! I was surprised at how easy it was to get on the board (with my 95 kg) and start foiling. The EPP board is ideal because it is softer than a carbon board and prevents injuries. Also, you can carry it around without the anxiety of breaking it if it touches something hard. The handles are well-positioned to help you get easy on the board. The length and the shape of the nose are perfect for getting in the proper position on the board. What surprised me was that the board is very forgiving when touching the water after foiling. The engine is powerful, and the remote is good—all in all, an exceptional experience.

Right! Waydoo eletric hydrofoil boards are both portable and safe. Take flyer one efoil - EPP edition, for example. It has a powerful engine with a maximum propulsion speed of 35kph (21.7mph) and a good firmware update system via a custom smartphone app. It has a sense of science and technology in design and is more humane.

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